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Motorcycle Accidents:

I have a motorcycle license, and have enjoyed the freedom that comes with it.  As a motorcyclist, I understand about driving defensively.  I also know how dangerous the road can be because of careless or thoughtless drivers.  You and I both know that the driver of a car or truck may be distracted by a cell phone, or radio, or cd player, or a conversation with a passenger.  We also know the motorcyclist is generally not distracted. 

Motorcyclists are exposed to dangers that drivers of cars and trucks are not.  These dangers leave us motorcyclists prone to serious injury in the event of any accident.  Motorcycle riders should be aware of their rights, and remedies.


It is very important to consult with us as soon as possible.  A motorcycle accident takes seconds, but it is a complicated event involving the rider, a motorcycle, a car or truck, sometimes a stationary object such as a tree, environment conditions, and often times the driver being thrown from the motorcycle.  The sooner you consult us, the sooner we can investigate the facts and the scene of the accident.  This can only benefit you and your claim.   

I understand motorcycle accidents.  Call me to discuss your situation.  Get the compensation you need, and deserve. 

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